Fiatal Fogatlovak VilágbajnokságaFEI World Driving Championship for Young Horses


A ménes udvarban megtekinthető a ménes kocsimúzeuma ahol különböző hintók, lovasszánok, és egyéb érdekes kocsik mellett az évszázados hagyományokat őrző sallangos díszveretes lószerszámokat is megcsodálhatják. Szintén a ménes udvarban találhatják Közép-Európa egyedülálló fedett lovardáját, mely 1806 óta áll és működik eredeti formájában és funkciójában. Itt lehetősége nyílik a kedves vendégnek kipróbálni a lovaglást ebben az évszázados épületben és környezetben. Elolvasom »

Hotel Nonius

A Mezőhegyesi Állami Ménes ménesudvarának ősplatánokkal övezett természeti környezetében az egykori Északi Kaszárnya ad otthont a Hotel Nonius szállónknak. Elolvasom »


Program of FEI World Driving Championships for Young Horses

Provisional timetable of the FEI World Driving Championship for Young Horses, Mezőhegyes 24th-27th September

24th September, Wednesday – 16:00

  • Opening Ceremony

25th September, Thursday

  • in the morning – Horse Inspection followed by the draw
  • in the afternoon – Qualification for 5-year-old horses

25th September, Friday

  • Qualification for 6 and 7-year-old horses

26th September, Saturday

  • Final for 5-year-old horses followed by Final Dressage for 6 and 7-year-old horses

27th September, Sunday

  • Combined marathon for 6 and 7-year-old horses followed by Prize and medal giving ceremony – Closing of the World Championship

Appreciation of the Ground Jury

anne-marieimages  “I would like to thank you for the nice event in July and your welcome. I really appreciated the whole competition which was very professional and friendly and also the state stud which is really beautiful. I wish you a very nice successful event in September and will be always pleased to come back.” – Anne-Marie Turbé president of the grand jury



 “Once again I want to congratulate the successful competition and thank you for    the invitation. I would be very pleased to once again be working with this team.” – Jan Posluszny chief steward


 pierre_cazas“You gave me the opportunity to come to this beautiful place, full of histories since the end of the XVIII. century.  You, your staff and all your teams did a very good job. Congratulations. I want to thank you very much for your hospitality, and for the nice days I spent in Mezőhegyes.” – Pierre Cazas member of the jury


Schedule HERE
Rules HERE
Dressage tests HERE


Some important information on behalf of the Organizing Committee of the FEI World Driving Championships​ for Young Horses in Mezőhegyes​ (HUN)

All National Federations who have made Nominated Entries are invited to ​send ​max.​ 10 horses per age group ​now.

Please take note of the closing dates for the Entries:

Additional Nominated Entries: 07​ September ​2015 - please send them to Laetitia ​Gillieron at FEI​

Definite Entries: 14 ​September 2015

​The FEI cancelled the qualification of the athletes, so there are no restrictions for the drivers, only horses need to be qualified at International or National Competitions. 

Please, take care of the veterinary requirements! As stated in the schedule Coggins test should be negative and done within max. 30 days. 

Further to the FEI communication on the EIA, it is stipulated that Event organisers in Hungary must provide event details to the Hungarian animal health authorities. Official controls will take place at the events and horses may not enter event venues without appropriate documentation, including a laboratory test for EIA with results not older than 30 days.

The OC kindly would like to ask all NFs to tranfer the entry fee (€250/horse – VAT is included) in advance, but not later than 18th September. Thank you for it! 

Here are the bank details:

Account holder: Mezőhegyesi Állami Ménes Kft.
Name of the bank: CIB Bank
IBAN: HU91 1110 0506 1328 9407 7000 0007
All members of the Organizing Committee of the World Championship do their best to make this event wonderful and would like to welcome you at an unforgettable place in Mezőhegyes.  
If you have any questions, do not hesitate to send us an email to


We would like to inform our guests, that Hotel Nonius is full during the period of 21-28 September 2015 World Driving Championship for Young Horses.

Accomodation can be found on the following link:

Thank you for your understanding and we wish you a pleasant time in our town.


FEI position on the question of EIA in Hungary


CH-M-A and CH-M-YH, Fábiánsebestyén and Mezőhegyes (HUN), September 2015

Some concerns have been raised by National Federations and athletes regarding the CH-M-YH events due to take place in September 2015 in Fábiánsebestyén and Mezőhegyes. These events are located in regions that have not been affected by EIA. Neighbouring regions in Hungary have also remained unaffected.

In light of the present situation, the location of the events as well as the measures in place to contain the FEI considers the risk of infection to be low for horses participating in the forthcoming driving events in Fábiánsebestyén and Mezőhegyes.

The positive cases identified in Hungary’s national mandatory testing programme have concerned only leisure horses. Competition horses have not been affected.

There have been no new cases of EIA in Hungary since 30 June.

The FEI will continue to monitor the situation and provide additional information to National Federations should there be any changes.